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The Duplex 620 Steamplus,  Floor Steam Cleaner, with a cleaning width of 620 mm, gives ‘right to the edge’ cleaning on all floor surfaces, alongside walls and into corners.


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  • Eficient si extrem de usor de folosit: tehnologia cu aburi curata diverse tipuri de materiale de la mocheta la covoare, deoarece nu umezeste materialul ci revitalizeaza fibrele.
  • Este echipat cu 2 rezervoare: 1 tip boiler, 1 pentru depozitare apa. Echipamentul de curatare cu abur, Duplex 620 Steam Plus, poate fi folosit si ca sistem de spalare conventionala cu solutii tip detergent.
  • Bidirectional:  design-ul inovativ si manevrabilitatea ii permit utilizatorului sa schimbe directia sistemului de curatare cu abur Duplex 620 Steam Plus doar prin inversarea manerului. Aceasta functie permite curatarea spatiilor din stanga in dreapta/ din fata in spate si viceversa, o functie imporanta mai ales in spatiile greu accesibile.
  • Perfect echilibrat: design compact, periile si motorul fiind localizate central.

Specificatii tehnice:

Suprafata de lucru550 M²/h
Latime spalare500-800 mm
Dimensiunimm 430x620x250h
Numar perii2
Alimentare electricaCord
Voltaj240 Volt
Frecenta50 Hz
Nivel zgomot< 64 dBA
Rezervor solutie4.75 Lt
Rezervor murdarie3.6 Lt
Viteza perii650-750 rpm
Presiune perii190 gr/cm2
Greutate43 kg
Putere absorbitaEU 1600 + 1340 watt
Latime jet abur530 mm


  • Effective and extremely easy to use: steam is particularly good at cleaning fabric surfaces such as carpets and carpet tiles, since it does not wet the fabric and revitalises the fibres.
  • It is equipped with two tanks: one acts as a boiler, while the other holds the water. The machine can also be used as a conventional floorwasher with detergent solutions.
  • Bi-directionality: its innovative design and manoeuvrability allow the user to reverse the Duplex 620 Steam Plus’s direction simply by inverting its handle. This „about face” makes it easy to clean from right to left/forwards and backwards and vice-versa – especially in restricted spaces.
  • Perfectly balanced: compact design, centrally located brushes and tanks, centrally positioned motor.


Working surface550 M²/h
Washing width500-800 mm
Dimensionsmm 430x620x250h
Number of brushes2
Power supplyCord
Voltage240 Volt
Frequency50 Hz
Noise level< 64 dBA
Solution tank4.75 Lt
Recovery tank3.6 Lt
Brushes speed650-750 rpm
Brushes pressure190 gr/cm2
Weight43 kg
Absorbed powerEU 1600 + 1340 watt
Steam jet width530 mm
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