Echipament curatare mocheta DUPLEX 280i DC Battery

Duplex 280i DC is the new generation, ultra compact (28 cm width) multi-surface cleaning machine powered by a Li-ion battery.
Affordable, practical, light and fast the Duplex 280i DC is perfect for smaller areas that require professional and quick cleaning such as bathrooms, aircraft, storerooms, hotel rooms, offices etc.


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  • Li-ion battery: The Li-ion battery allows the Duplex 280i DC to be extremely light and ensures cleaning times that exceed one hour.
  • “Start-stop” safety handle: the machine features a safety handle for switching it on and off instantaneously, as required by ENEC® regulations.
  • Intelligent brushes: the machine’s exclusive patented system of intelligent brushes makes it easy to clean right up to the wainscoting and into the corners.
  • Easily removable brushes: the brushes are bayonet mounted, and can be removed/replaced in a flash by just pressing a lever.
  • The dual washing system exploits the synergy of two counter-rotating brushes running at 3.75 m/s.
  • Two operating modes: prewash function, with dirt recovery during the next pass, and washing with immediate dirt recovery.


Working surface 100/250 M²/h
Washing width 224 mm
Dimensions mm 330x280x105h
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Battery
Voltage 36 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz.
Noise level < 72.8 dBA
Solution tank 1.5 Lt
Recovery tank 0.8 Lt
Brushes speed 780/936 rpm
Brushes pressure 200 gr/cm2
Weight 9.7 kg
Unloaded weight with battery 12 kg
Absorbed power 260 watt
Battery operating time 1.15 min
Charging time 3.5 h
Battery charger 100/240 volt
Packaging dimensions mm 640x400x390h

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